Benefits Of Pond Treatment NZ

Ponds often become stagnant over time resulting in a dirty water that is unpleasant and cannot support an ecosystem. Fortunately, pond treatment NZ is an effective restoration solution that can transform standing, fetid and foul water into an attractive feature. provides a comprehensive service to treat and maintain a variety of different types of bodies of water from small lakes to large lakes. They apply a variety of different techniques to address the unique requirements of a specific body of water. The greatest benefit is that the processes are entirely safe, non-toxic and therefore environmentally friendly.

How is this achieved? By using a bio-remediation process that is designed to eliminate organic and inorganic matter which is largely responsible for the foul odours and unpleasant appearance associated with stagnant water.

Organic matter such as algae and some strains of bacteria cause a lack of oxygen in the water and contribute to the dysfunction or collapse of the natural ecosystem that is designed to keep the water clean and clear.

Non-organic matter such as contaminants, toxins and other pollutants can also contribute to the decline and eventual failure of an essential water eco-system.

Both of these factors contribute to the formation of unwanted sludge that settles on the bottom of lakes and ponds. The sludge promotes the breeding of the type of bacteria that negatively impacts these bodies of water.

By introducing microorganisms that occur naturally in most lakes and ponds back into the eco-system, the sludge is reduced thereby clearing and cleaning the water. These microorganisms can be in the form of bacteria, enzymes or fungus that attack and destroy the sludge build-up.

Depending on the severity and extent of the problem, other solutions may be recommended for comprehensive pond treatment NZ. These solutions may involve the manual removal of sludge from the bottom of the body of water before a bio-remediation process is applied. Plants, other organic matter as well as aquatic life may also be introduced to create or restore a fully functioning ecosystem.

In extremely severe cases, the use of chemicals to destroy algae, unwanted bacteria and sludge may be recommended as well. However, this is not always the ideal solution as it is not environmentally friendly and can contribute to the destruction of the natural ecosystem. This technique is the preferred method used by many other pond and lake remediation companies.

It is best to have a standing body of water inspected, assessed and evaluated to determine the cause and extent of a problem sooner rather than later. Pond treatment NZ is far more effective and provides a much faster solution when introduced earlier. The process can also be used to maintain and rejuvenate water features or prevent water from becoming stagnant by ensuring that the ecosystem is functioning optimally.

Pond treatment NZ solutions are available for private and public lakes, ponds and other bodies of water. No matter how big or small, extreme or moderate the problem, stagnant, foul and stinking water can be rejuvenated to create an attractive water feature.